grlc makes all your Linked Data accessible to the Web by automatically converting your SPARQL queries into RESTful APIs. With (almost) no effort! Simply:


Create a GitHub repository, and store all your SPARQL queries in there (like in this example). If you don't have a GitHub account, go get one. You can also just write down the username and the repository name of somebody else :-)


Go to the address bar of this page, and append /api/github_username/repository_name to it. So if I want the API derived from GitHub's username foo and repository bar, I append /api/foo/bar/ to the domain name (/api/foo/bar/api-docs will work too). Now hit enter. Done!

Show me an example SPARQL repo Show me the equivalent API

Other examples: the CLARIAH datalegend API (queries); the CEDAR project data API (queries); the LOD API testing ground (queries); the LSQ experimental API (queries).

Find out more in GitHub and in this paper.

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